Hydro-pneumatic Subsoiler

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Recommended Horse-Power (140 – 400 HP) Working Width (250 – 400 cm)

The new TORTELLA Hydro-pneumatic subsoiler represents the latest innovation in rippers with minimum maintenance costs and independent anchor points. 

Ideal for extremely difficult and impervious terrains, thanks to its innovative hydro-pneumatic system, makes it an ideal machine for continuous operations without interruptions on all types of terrain, even those extremely difficult to plough as well as terrains with rocky soils.  

The hydro-pneumatic circuit, characterized by the matching of independent hydraulic cylinders and accumulators of nitrogen, permit an efficient movement of every single anchor, without the working process or the tractor bearing high impacts and/or vibrations given to obstacles which are present, facilitating the working of the terrain. 

The structure of the ripper was created to improve the flow of the worked terrain, avoiding eventual clogging due to the high quantity of stripped/elevated terrain, even in the presence of a high level of residues.

The Highlander series can be combined with different accessories such as lateral wings and leveling wheels. Available with 5/7/9 anchors. 

  • A 3-point universal connection of II and III category;
  • A dedicated nitrogen tank under pressure for each anchor;
  • Hydraulic cylinders;
  • Bure in Hardox;
  • Reversible plough in tempered steel;
  • Bure protection;
  • Double rear roller with hydraulic lifting and adjustment.