About us

Eng. Carlo Marasca
Eng. Carlo Marasca
CEO Tortella Srl

Tortella manufactures agricultural machines to work the soil, representative of men and women with a strong and sincere character, like our homeland; Abruzzo. Our strong will, together with Italian design, has represented generations of agriculturists for more than 70 years. They symbolize an authentic and genuine way of life.

Tortella distinguishes itself with a new style; the Marasca Group, an Italian Group present on the international scene, supplying equipment to help overcome all the challenges of working the land.


Italian design and technology
100% machineries tested
After sales service next to our customers
Machinery produced in QMS-certifi ed facilities
Managerial spirit of the Marasca Group


The distinctive sign of our Agricultural Machines is the colour, marasca red, an intense colour that reinforces the concept of the durability of agricultural equipment.
The choice of this particular colour tone, is tied to the name of the Company that identifies the Tortella, Marasca Group.
In Italy, around the Year 1000, in the areas of Bergamo and Vicenza, the surname Marasca was attributed to the Knights who were distinguished by their cloaks of the same cherry colour of the “marasca” type.